"The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it 
usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work."

                                                                                   - Thomas Edison

Owners & Investors - Transparent Service

At Algonquin Properties, we are real estate investors as well as property managers.   Therefore, we know personally what is required to preserve and cultivate your real estate property as a long term appreciating asset with good return.  

We seek to keep your interests and Algonquin's interests aligned at all times.
- Fee structure is simple and transparent
- Algonquin maintenance labor is billed at a clear rate
- There are no start up fees
- Long term commitments are not required - we want to earn your business
- Regular detailed financial reports provided (always open for audit / verification)

We help our owners to manage both revenue and cost. As experienced investors ourselves, we have extensive operating knowledge and relationships that will help you minimize costs.  This includes trades, insurance, financing, legal, and real estate agency services.  On the revenue side, we endeavor to find you financially qualified tenants who will keep your property in good condition for an extended period, minimizing turnover and make ready expenses.

Algonquin also includes financial services that will help you accumulate reserve funds. We will fund working capital to minimize the cash flow impact of major repairs and the costs between rent collection and bill payments. We know financial "shocks" are detrimental to property investors.

Our primary geographical coverage area is the North Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas region.  We are happy to manage any properties within the geographic scope of our network of trades people.  We have learned through experience that this area varies depending on the number and type of properties you may own or plan to purchase.  

Please contact us anytime for free consultation.