Why Algonquin?

The decisions you make about buying, selling, or leasing a home are among the most important in your life. And if you are an HOA board member, you are entrusted to make decisions that will impact your entire community. As homeowners, investors, and HOA board members ourselves, we understand the challenges you face—and we are here to help.
Small enough to provide flexible, personalized service

Our dedicated staff is always in tune with our clients’ individual needs. We’re committed to personalized service.

Big enough to provide a full-service experience

We offer a full range of service and expertise in property management and real estate.

Leadership in ethical business practices

Algonquin’s services and practice exceed the industry standard on a daily basis.

Strong local network of connections

Our experienced staff and community focus has granted us a strong local network of businesses that can help our clients with nearly every aspect of real estate from financial to construction to maintenance.

Respecting relationships of our partners

When you refer a client to Algonquin Properties for property management or real estate services, that client relationship will remain yours exclusively.  We respect your existing relationships – period.

Family owned, operated, and focused

You can learn a lot about a company based on it’s structure, and Algonquin is a family-owned and operated business with a friendly staff — many of whom have know each other for decades.